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Create a compelling and immersive experience to increase user engagement, specifically time spent within the Yahoo News app.

Design the events experience to act as a themeable frame work that

can be re-used for high profile, high coverage events each quarter.

Team: Senior PM, Lead PM, iOS Dev Team, Android Dev Team, BE, QE

Role: Design Lead

Sprint ONE
Define and Iterate on Core Navigation
Exploring Navigation Models
Exploring Points of Entry
Final Nominees and Winners Nav
Final Expanded Rich Media Article
Final Additional Core 3
Sprint Two
Winter Theme Options
Sochi Olympics
The Game
Sprint Three
Oscars Vote Prototype Concept 1
Vote Prototype Concept 2.5 — Loop
Voting Final Iteration
Sprint four
Winners Module and Implementation
Winners — Android Article and List
Select Winners States
Fancy Custom Nav Spec
Entity Detail Spec
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