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Flickr 4.0 - 4.x 

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In early 2015, Flickr's focus was

all hands on deck to offer a photo managment solution to 

make our majestic free 1TB of 

storage offering more accessible for all users. I helped to make 

this experience a reality on Android, working closely with the enineering team to implement the new design 

language while conceptualizing some immediate and future

features along the way.


Flickr 4.0 Auto Uplaodr Onboarding
Flickr 4.0 Auto Uplaodr Onboarding
Flickr 4.0 Timeline Filter Concepts
Flickr 4.1 Auto Uploadr Enhancements
Flickr 4.1 Signed Out User Hack Day
Flickr Vision Signed Out User
Flickr Vision Face Tagging
Flickr Vision Direct Messaging
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