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Flickr Pro

The Flickr team was tasked

with saving the bottom line in 2016, while simultaneously bringing the focus back to where the community has asked it to be, our fabulously

rich content base. To make this shift in product focus a 

reality, we needed users to pay to continue using our 

Auto Uploadr feature. 


To soften the blow we 

implemented a new coupon system and re-fresh to our marketing around Flick Pro.

In tandem we partnered

with Adobe to offer deeper 

discounts to select users. Thenumber of new subscriptions has doubled week over week after launch.

Flickr Pro New User Offer Comparison
Flickr Pro Adobe CC User
Flickr Pro User Page
Flickr Pro New User Mobile
Flickr Pro Stats
Flickr Pro Uploadr
Flickr Pro Adobe 20%
Flickr Pro Site Enhancement Benefits
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